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Voice lessons are dedicated to learning vocal technique, vocal calisthenics, sight singing, and expanding the student's repertoire. Students are given the opportunity to choose repertoire from my extensive music library. We then launch into an exciting journey where each individual learns to sing songs while telling the story, thus strengthening confidence in their passion to perform. 


In these lessons with Kara, students will work on material for auditions, plays, musicals, competitions, etc. with the focus on learning proper acting technique. Cultivating confidence, working through performance nerves, taking big risks, and learning to approach material from the individual's personal interpretation will also be explored and practiced.


Lessons will consist of both vocal and acting direction. 30 minutes are devoted to vocal with Teri, and the remaining 30 minutes are devoted to acting with Kara. Get ready to develop extraordinary work! 

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Lessons are billed monthly.  Should a student cancel a lesson 24 hours in advance, they have the option to come to one of the scheduled make up times.  It is the student's responsibility to set this up with the instructor.  Lessons cancelled last minute, or less than 24 hours, lose the option to receive a make up slot.

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